What are the standard probation periods in Colombia?

Probation periods in Colombia allow employers to evaluate new employees' performance and fit for the role. They are typically up to two months, providing a trial phase for both parties.  

Legal Framework and Duration

The Colombian Labor Code regulates probation periods. The standard probation period is up to two months (60 days) for most employment types. Exceptions include:

  • Apprenticeships and Internships: Vary based on contract terms.
  • Executive Positions: Can extend up to six months if stated in the contract.

Conditions and Termination

Probation periods must be agreed upon in writing within the employment contract, specifying start and end dates. During this period:

  • Employers can terminate employment without cause but must follow contract notice terms.
  • Employees can resign without notice unless otherwise specified in the contract.

Rights and Obligations

Employees on probation have the same basic rights as regular employees. Employers must provide a safe working environment, fair treatment, and wages. Clear communication and performance evaluations are crucial during this period.

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