What are the standard working hours in Colombia?

The standard working hours in Colombia are 48 hours per week, typically spread over six days. Overtime, night work, and specific conditions for young and pregnant workers are regulated to ensure fair compensation and safety.

Standard Working Hours

  1. Weekly Hours: The standard workweek in Colombia is 48 hours, typically distributed over six days (Monday to Saturday), with a maximum of 8 hours per day.

  2. Daily Hours: A standard workday consists of 8 hours.

Alternative Schedules

  1. Flexible Hours: Some companies may implement flexible work hours, allowing employees to adjust their start and end times, as long as the total weekly hours do not exceed 48 hours.

  2. Part-Time Work: Part-time employees work fewer hours than the standard full-time schedule, with hours and conditions agreed upon in the employment contract.


  1. Overtime Work: Any work performed beyond the standard 48 hours per week is considered overtime and must be compensated according to the regulations.

  2. Overtime Compensation: Overtime is generally paid at a rate of 125% (1.25 times) of the regular hourly wage. Nighttime overtime and work on Sundays or public holidays are compensated at higher rates.

Night Work

  1. Night Hours: Work performed between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM is considered night work.

  2. Night Work Compensation: Employees who work during night hours are entitled to additional pay, usually at a higher rate than daytime work.

Rest Breaks and Days Off

  1. Daily Rest: Employees are entitled to a minimum rest period of one hour during their workday, typically used for lunch.

  2. Weekly Rest: Employees are entitled to one full day of rest each week, usually on Sundays. For employees who work on Sundays, a compensatory day off during the week is provided.

Special Conditions

  1. Young Workers: Employees under 18 years of age have specific restrictions on working hours, including a maximum of 6 hours per day and 30 hours per week for those aged 14-17.

  2. Pregnant Workers: Pregnant employees are entitled to certain protections and adjustments to their work schedules to ensure their health and safety.

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