Can employees work on bank holidays in Colombia?

While employees in Colombia are generally entitled to a day off on bank holidays, there are circumstances where work may be necessary or agreed upon. Employers must ensure fair compensation and follow legal guidelines, while employees should be aware of their rights and the terms of their employment contracts.

Legal framework

  1. Labor Code: According to the Colombian Labor Code, employees are generally entitled to a day off on bank holidays. However, there are exceptions where work may be necessary.

  2. Essential Services: Employees working in essential services (such as healthcare, emergency services, and utilities) may be required to work on bank holidays to ensure the continuity of critical services.

Compensation for working on bank holidays

  1. Overtime Pay: Employees who work on a bank holiday are entitled to additional compensation. The standard practice is to pay double the regular hourly wage for any hours worked on a bank holiday.

  2. Compensatory Time Off: In some cases, employers may offer compensatory time off in lieu of additional pay. This means the employee can take a day off at a later date, agreed upon with the employer.

Employee Rights

  1. Voluntary Work: Employees should not be forced to work on bank holidays unless it is a part of their contractual obligations or essential services.

  2. Consent and Agreement: Employers should seek the employee's consent to work on a bank holiday, and any agreements should be documented to avoid disputes.

Employer Responsibilities

  1. Notification: Employers must inform employees in advance if they are required to work on a bank holiday. Adequate notice allows employees to make necessary personal arrangements.

  2. Fair Compensation: Employers must ensure that employees who work on bank holidays receive the appropriate compensation as mandated by law.


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