Your Comprehensive Employee Onboarding Guide with Horizons

Welcome to the Horizons experience! 

The employee onboarding process by Horizons is designed to ensure that new employees are fully compliant with local employment laws and regulations and that they have all the important information they need to get started with their new job.

Employees onboarded with our EOR service, will use the Horizons platform as their go-to portal for everything related to their employment, including payslips, tax documents, holidays and leave, perks and benefits. 

In this article, we will explain how Horizons: 

01. Creates a new Employee Profile

02. Finalises the Employment Agreements

03. Invites and registers an Employee on the Horizons platform

04. Enables Bulk Onboarding for businesses

Please feel free to reach out to us at for any further questions or concerns you may have. 

Steps to onboard an employee

01. Visit the New Hire tab, and proceed to Add the details of your New Hire. This includes the country you are hiring from, salary details and residential status.  

02. Once you have submitted the details of your New Hire, the Horizons team will create and share a Draft of the Employee Agreement for your perusal. 

03. Once the Draft Employment Agreement is approved, you can invite the employee to join the Horizons platform via an automated email option. 

The employee will receive an email invitation to fill in the onboarding form on the platform immediately. 

04. The employee is then expected to register themselves on the Horizons platform and fill in all of their personal details

05. Horizons will then update the Draft Employment Agreement with the employee's personal information. 

06. The Employee is then expected to sign the Final Employment Agreement. 

07. Horizons will counter-sign the agreement to bind the contract. 

Bulk Onboarding with Horizons

For businesses who wish to onboard more than five employees, you can generate multiple onboarding forms via the Horizons platform. 

How will a compliant onboarding process benefit you?

Onboarding is the process through which new employees gain the necessary knowledge, access, and skills to become compliant organizational members. It's a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simple orientation and includes a variety of introductory activities.

The onboarding process is designed to help new hires adjust to the payroll, benefits and performance aspects of their jobs quickly and compliantly, so they can contribute effectively to company success. It's an important phase for the employee and the employer because it sets the foundation for a productive working relationship.

Effective onboarding is also crucial for new hire retention and productivity. A structured onboarding process with Horizons can streamline the integration of new employees into your company culture and work environment.

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