How is overtime handled in Colombia?

Overtime work in Colombia is regulated to ensure fair compensation and protect employees' rights. 

Legal Framework

  1. Colombian Labor Code: The primary legislation governing overtime in Colombia is the Colombian Labor Code, which sets out the conditions and compensation requirements for overtime work.

Definition of Overtime

  1. Standard Working Hours: In Colombia, the standard working hours are 48 hours per week, typically distributed over six days (Monday to Saturday) with a maximum of 8 hours per day.

  2. Overtime: Any work performed beyond these standard working hours is considered overtime and must be compensated accordingly.

Compensation for Overtime

  1. Regular Overtime:

    • Weekdays: Overtime worked on weekdays is paid at a rate of 125% (1.25 times) of the employee’s regular hourly wage.
  2. Night Overtime:

    • Night Hours: Work performed between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM is considered night work.
    • Compensation: Night overtime is paid at a rate of 175% (1.75 times) of the regular hourly wage.
  3. Weekend and Holiday Overtime:

    • Sundays and Holidays: Work performed on Sundays or public holidays is subject to a higher compensation rate.
    • Compensation: Overtime on these days is paid at a rate of 200% (2 times) the regular hourly wage.

Employee Rights

  1. Voluntary Basis: Overtime work should generally be voluntary and not mandatory. Employers must seek the employee’s consent for overtime work.

  2. Maximum Overtime Limits: The law sets a maximum limit on overtime hours. Employees are not allowed to work more than 12 hours of overtime per week.

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