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New Hire Roadmap

You may navigate the further details of comprehensive employee onboarding at article of Your Comprehensive Employee Onboarding Guide with Horizons


Monthly Payroll timeline 




You may have the following questions, please allow us to answer them one by one.  


Q: As an HR , when was entrusted with global hiring requisition under a specific country's with EOR arrangement, or while searching for suitable candidates, what information does Horizons suggest navigating in advance? 

 A: Generally, we recommend that clients acquire the following information in the following hierarchical order 




1) General employment policies of the country - You can access the Country Guide on Horizons' official website   

2) Horizons Cost Simulator - Log in to the Horizons Portal and navigate the New Hire tab, use the Cost Simulation tool below to calculate the employment costs (in average monthly) based on your annual salary budget for the country.  

3) Employment T&C and tips under an EOR arrangement -  in to the Horizons Portal and navigate the New Hire tab, , click on Employee New Hire Form. For details regarding labor contract terms under EOR, we have provided detailed notes for each field that client need to be aware of. E.g., limitations on contract duration 


Q: How long does it take from "New Hire" Request to complete employee onboarding? 

A: In most countries, a smooth and uninterrupted process typically takes around 6 working days. Horizons ensures uploading of employment agreement within 48 working hours after you submit a New Hire. 

On the other hand, we are also actively launching automated online drafting of employment agreement for multiple countries, which means you can immediately review draft contracts online without waiting for 48 hours after completing your onboarding request). 


Q: What factors can make the onboarding process longer than expected? 

A: The duration of the onboarding process can be influenced by various factors, such as the statutory onboarding process in the country (e.g. publication period, mandatory pre-hire medical examinations, and occupational health training).  

If the client requests changes to Horizons' standard template wording during the agreement terms review, which requires involvement from both parties or Horizons' legal team for review comments, this process will unavoidably extend the timeline. The efficiency of employees' willingness and submission of personal information also plays a role in this regard. 


Q: At what point in time does the onboarding process need to be completed to ensure that employees receive their first month's salary upon joining? 

A: Typically, we are cutting off the completion of the onboarding process for employee onboarding within each month by around the third week (around the 15th). This timeframe refers specifically to when the onboarding process is finalized, rather than the actual date of employee commencement.  


For example, if an employee's employment agreement commences on February 29th, their onboarding process needs to be completed by February 15th.  


If it becomes apparent that an employee cannot complete the onboarding process by this deadline, Horizons' Onboarding Team will recommend a suitable start date for their labor contract based on experience.  


While laws and regulations in some countries, stipulate that labor contracts must be signed within 30 days of an employee's commencement, in most other countries, employment agreement must be signed either on or before an employee's start date; thus, it is not possible to retroactively determine employment dates based solely on contract signing. 


Q: When will Horizons send invoices to the each month? 

A: Horizons' accounting department will start sending invoices to customers on the first working day after the 5th of each month. As new employees may still be joining, we will send a second batch of invoices as soon as they are onboarded. Therefore, the usual timeframe for sending invoices is from the second week to the third week of every month. For more information about Horizons' invoices, you can refer to "Horizons Invoices and Payroll Report." 


Q: How could I get support if they have questions about invoice details or need to view the Payroll Report? 

A: If the client requires more detailed information regarding their invoices, they can log in to our platform and access the Payroll Report for further details. If there are any additional questions, they can directly reply to the email from billing@joinhorizons.com and ask relevant queries. Our support team at Horizons will promptly address your inquiries and provide appropriate solutions. 


Q: What does the bill grouping mentioned in the onboarding process refer to? 

A: The Horizons portal enables our valued clients to group bills based on individual costs, making it easy to separate different employees or contractor into different bill groups. Each bill group can have one or multiple designated finance contact(s). For more information about bill grouping, please refer to the article on billing groups.



Q: When is Horizons expected to be paid by client for punctual to their employee? 

A: Except for certain countries with bi-weekly or semi-monthly payrolls, Horizons typically pays employees worldwide during the last week of each month. To ensure smooth payroll processing, we kindly request that customers complete internal approval processes and make payments before the 20th day upon receiving their invoice confirmation. This allows Horizons to receive funds in a timely manner and proceed with global disbursements, international transfers, foreign exchange transactions, and other financial procedures. 

You may find further details in 

Horizons Invoices and Payroll Report


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