User and Role Access Management

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The company account on Horizons portal are being handed over to you, as first Admin User for user roles and authority management, where you can independently invite new users, assign permissions, etc. management helps to ensure your organziation's information security.

Horizons takes a series of strict measures to protect customer business information and employee personal information, and enhances customer trust by providing a safe and efficient working environment.

User & Access authority management:

When the Horizons Account Executive invited the first administrator of your company to the portal, we will officially hand over the platform's user roles and authority management to our valued client. This means that in most cases, client Admin will be completely have full access to the company users account on the portal, including inviting new users, assigning permissions to different roles, etc., without contacting any personnel at Horizons for support. User authority management is the cornerstone of ensuring enterprise information security.

Client an accurately manage user roles and permissions according to the internal authority metrics. This fine-grained authority control not only helps to ensure enterprise data security. For example, some sensitive data can only be accessed by employees in specific departments or positions. Through reasonable authority configuration, the risk of data leakage can be effectively avoided. What are the different user roles on the Horizons Platform?

Daily Support Communication:

At the same time, in order to ensure the confidentiality of business information between customers and Horizons, as well as protect the privacy of employees' personal information, Horizons has implemented a series of stringent measures. When client and their team member seek support through non-platform channels such as email, Horizons will kindly request verification of their identity.

For example, 

  • when email is reached, The email address of the requester will be checked against the user on the platform to ensure that support services with corresponding information permission are provided when an email is received. 

The measures we have taken not only demonstrate our dedication to protecting customer privacy and data security, but also ensure that we can promptly and accurately meet customer needs. By doing so, we aim to strengthen customers' trust in our platform and provide them with a secure and efficient working environment.

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