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Q: How will Horizons Invoices be sent to Client?

A: Horizons portal will monthly send invoices in PDF format attached to an email from billing@joinhorizons.com to the designated Finance Contact's inbox. Apart from Debit Notes (DN) issued during employee onboarding process①DN, they will also receive two additional invoice files - Service Fee (SF)②SF and Payroll (PR)③PR. 


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Q: Can only “Finance Contact” access these invoices?

A: To better align with general client work habits, Horizons sends these invoices via email to Finance Contact in PDFs. However, clients' Finance or Admin users can also log into the Portal and na "Payment" tab to view or download all historical invoices. 


The payment status of each invoice is indicated by colored tags. 

For example, a green "Paid" tag means that Horizons has received full payment from the client, while a blue "Awaiting Payment" tag indicates that either no payment has been made yet or it is in transit.




Q: What currency is used for settlement in Horizons' invoices?

A: Each invoice under a billing group will be issued in the corresponding settlement currency (Billing Currency) agreed upon and set by the client. 

The incurred amount of payroll costs for employees is based on the legal currency of the country where their employment contract is located, and it will be converted into the billing currency at the applicable exchange rate for that month when issuing payroll invoices (③PR).

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Q: Does Horizons' invoices include actual monthly payroll of employee? And what does regularization mean?


Since Horizons issues invoice around mid-month each month, there may be some differences between the actual amount of payroll and the invoice due to various reasons. These discrepancies can arise from factors such as overtime adjustments, changes in employee benefits, or corrections made after the initial payroll calculation.

To ensure transparency and accuracy in our invoicing process, Horizons has implemented a system of adjustments known as "Regularization." This allows us to rectify any discrepancies that occur between the actual payroll amount and the initially issued invoice. Regularization is reflected in Invoice ③PR, which is generated for clients in the following month.

When we identify an overcharge or undercharge on a client's invoice due to these discrepancies, we take prompt action to correct it. If an overcharge has occurred, we will issue a refund(-) to our client accordingly.


Q: Please explain what these 3 categories of billing documents in details?


Debit Note (①DN): It refers to Project Deposit agreed upon between Horizons and clients in service agreements. For specific accounting methods regarding project deposits, please refer to relevant agreement clauses.


Service Fee Invoice (②SF): It refers to service fees charged by Horizons based on services specified in service agreements and related pricing, typically including monthly service fees, setup fees, annual service fees, etc. For specific amount, please refer to relevant agreement clauses.


Payroll Cost Invoice (③PR): It refers to labor costs incurred by your company hiring with Horizons.  Please see below for a sample layout. 


Payroll invoice (③PR) consists of at least 2 pages or more.

Page 1: 

The classic invoice  specifies
issuance date (March 8, 2023), 
due date (April 7, 2023), 
invoicing party information, 
Client Details
total amount of this bill generated from payroll cost for The total amount is €39,181.56.

Please scroll down to page 2 where you can find further payroll cost information.

On the second page, there is a breakdown of the labor costs for each employee in this billing group. 

Recurring Income includes rolling compensation as agreed upon in their contracts (including base salary and fixed allowances)
while Non-Recurring Income refers to one-time payout generated by clients added to the platform or other non-fixed income sources. 
Expenses to be reimbursed this month
Employer Burden accounts for employer responsibilities such as social welfare contributions
Financial Charges refer to financial fees incurred, and
Regularization reflects differences between estimated invoices from the previous month and actual bills. 

Each employee's name is accompanied by their country of residence and the conversion rate from local currency to billing currency; 

for example, if Alex Johnson works in China with labor costs denominated in CNY, an exchange rate of 0.1422485220 would be applied.

Q: Besides to the details above the summarized breakdown of labor costs, how can I access more detailed information?

A: You may can log in to the Horizons portal  and navigate to the 'Payroll Report' tab for further details

Click on the relevant employee to expand and collapse in order to view the current or past detailed breakdown of labor costs, including itemized amounts for gross income breakdown, employer burden, etc.

The CSV format can also be downloaded by clicking the button ↓ in the upper right corner.

In particular, last month's discrepancy item 'Regularization' can be clicked to view a detailed comparison of the sub-items causing the difference in amounts, which is indicated by a question mark icon on the right side.

NOTE All screenshots above are from the Demo environment and do not involve any information of customers or their employee

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