How to manage the Finance Contact to receive invoices in PDF copies from Horizons?

Besides the Users and role management, as Company Admin user, you might need to manage the Finance Contact in various scenarios?

Q: What's finance Contact? Does Finance Contact must be portal users?


The finance contact plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth financial operations within an organization. They are responsible for receiving invoices from Horizons on a monthly basis and distributing them to the appropriate departments or individuals for payment processing. 

It is important to note that being a finance contact does not necessarily require being a user of the platform or having a personal mailbox. Instead, it can be any designated mailbox specifically created for the team responsible for accounts payable in your organization. This shared mailbox allows multiple team members to access and manage incoming invoices efficiently.

Moreover, the finance contact can also be an individual or group chosen by you based on specific requirements or preferences. For instance, if there is a need to consolidate all invoices received from different vendors before forwarding them to relevant departments, the finance contact could be someone who specializes in this task. 

The Finance Contact does not have to be a registered user of the platform; however, in such cases where the contact is not a platform user, they will not be able to: 

  • access Payroll Reports on the platform which provide detailed breakdowns of labor costs? 
  • initiate inquiries beyond the content of bills with Horizon's support team?   

Therefore, we strongly recommend adding personnel who need access to more features as platform users.

Q: Where can I review and manage the Finance contact for certain billing group?


①You may go through the patch Setting → Billing → Billing Groups("click View>")to view the Finance Contact and other billing details

②Click Edit to manage the Finance Contact



  ③As there may be multiple recipients, kindly press the "Enter" key on your keyboard after entering each email address.

*The above screen are all shot from the demo environment and do not involve any general information about customers and individuals.

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