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The delivery experience and ticketing system are two fundamental components of Horizons' operations. As a customer-centric company, Horizons recognizes the significance of delivering an exceptional experience. From their perspective, the delivery experience encompasses not only the product or service quality but also the entire process from Ticket Raising to Resolution.  

Consequently, Horizons has dedicated considerable effort and resources to enhance the delivery experience and ensure customer satisfaction throughout this journey. 


To optimize the delivery experience, Horizons has implemented a comprehensive Ticketing system. This system guarantees timely and accurate completion of each Ticket through meticulous supervision and efficient execution. By clearly defining responsible team and timeline for each stage starting from customer orders, Horizons ensures that every step adheres to precise execution standards and requirements. 


Simultaneously, Horizons facilitates real-time updates and information sharing regarding tickets through digital means. This enables all Horizons stakeholders to stay informed about progress to promptly adjust and optimize work plans as needed. 


The ticketing system ensures effective responsiveness to all your needs while being unaffected by factors of Horizon's Staffing status or workforce planning. On the Horizons platform, appropriate experience teams are assigned based on the specific service pipeline involved in fulfilling all tickets. 


Service Delivery by Horizons Operations Team


 3 Major pipeline for experience provided by Horizons Operations team upon Employment status: 


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