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The Horizons Portal is a comprehensive online application software based on Web technology, serving as a cloud computing platform that facilitates real-time data synchronization and sharing. It empowers employees, management, and decision-makers to access the Horizons EOR platform through the Internet at any time and from anywhere, enabling them to acquire up-to-date business data and information. This capability enhances enterprises' agility in responding to market changes promptly, while improving the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making processes.


Design concept - Intuitive to use as the APP on your smartphone


The portal is designed with a clear process implementation, making it user-friendly for understanding and operation. With its simple interface layout and intuitive functional navigation, users can easily locate the tools and information they need without any complicated learning process



It integrates various intuitive and easy-to-understand business processes, including but not limited to:


  •  New employees/Contractor Hiring and Onboarding process Management via Dashboard of onboarding
  •  Employee profile management and review
  •  Variable income payout
  •  Labor contract changes
  •  End Contract process
  •  Benefit Plan (commercial insurance or pension)
  •  Leaves management
  •  Expense management
  •  Payroll reports
  •  EOR Invoices and Payment
  •  Other employment tools:
    •  Employment cost calculation by country
    •  Employment policy of Countries 


It provides a comprehensive solution for our valued client to help them better manage their cross-border workforce


New Releases


The Web App is a software engineering platform based on iterative development, which improves the function and performance of web software through continuous iteration and optimization. This development method can help development teams better understand user needs, and develop software products that meet the needs faster by collecting extensive internal and external user feedback, while improving the quality of software.


The release of new features and improvements is every 2 weeks as shortest sprint. Users can click the following button to view the version update introduction sliding on the right.


The use interface of Horizons Portal does not involve any difficult or professional vocabulary, making it user-friendly for all. The platform is designed with a clear, friendly, and intuitive concept to provide a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows users to effortlessly complete various tasks.


The interface layout in Horizons is concise and clear, with clearly divided functional modules. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, you can quickly get started and find the functions you need. Each operation step comes with detailed prompts and instructions to help users better understand and master the software usage. Secondly, the terms and vocabulary used in Horizons have been carefully selected and optimized through in-depth research on the target user group's professional knowledge level and industry background. User feedback has also been collected to ensure that there are no redundant or complex terms on the software interface by following principles of human-computer interaction. In summary, when using the Horizons platform for various operations, there is no need to worry about difficult-to-understand or unfamiliar professional vocabulary as it aims to provide a friendly, intuitive environment for all types of users while efficiently completing work tasks.




User Guides in FAQs


The Horizons team has prepared guidance in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for different types of users in each module and process. These articles are designed to help users easily find the information they need and resolve any issues they may encounter while using the platform. For novice users, these documents provide detailed step-by-step instructions and operation demonstrations to quickly familiarize them with the platform's functions. Experienced users can also benefit from more comprehensive and professional content, which offers solutions to complex problems they may face. Each module and process is accompanied by corresponding online guide documents for reference purposes. Additionally, these guide documents include a FAQ section that covers common questions or confusion points that most users may have, such as "How can I modify my account information?" or "How can I get technical support?". By presenting this information in an FAQ format, users can easily locate relevant questions of interest and receive concise yet comprehensive answers.

The users can also reach out the FAQs or raise your help request through the Help Widget with Horizons Portal


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