What is Billing Group referring to?



In our daily communication with clients, we have found that they often request to have the costs of specific team members (employees and contractors) grouped and reflected in different invoices. In order to better meet their needs, we have delved into understanding the reasons behind such requests. For large enterprises, employees are usually affiliated with different cost centers, functional departments, national regions, or even managed by different financial or human resources shared service centers. Due to these structural differences within organizations, clients may wish to clearly reflect the department or center each employee belongs to on their invoices for better cost understanding and management across different departments or centers.


To fulfill this demand from clients, Horizons has introduced a billing grouping feature. Based on client requirements and organizational structure, we can group the costs of specific team members and reflect them in separate invoices while explicitly indicating the department or center each employee belongs to. 


How billing grouping works on the Horizons platform:



We provide multi-level billing grouping for our clients.

Level ①: The Legal entities along with corresponding billing currencies - How to view current legal entity and settlement currency information on the platform → 



In many scenarios, clients may have signed service agreements with multiple legal entities (Legal Entities) under Horizons and agreed upon specific settlement currencies. 

For example, AAA Limited settles in USD while BBB Limited settles in EUR 

(a single legal entity can also correspond to multiple currencies). 


Our account executive will maintain relevant legal entity and currency information from the backend in your company's account based on the service agreement signed between both parties.




Level ②: Under the corresponding legal entity and billing currency, Client are free to adjust according to their internal business needs.


  • Create and Manage the Billing Group → and Remark the relevant detail e.g. PO# ,Cost Center Name in the field of "other invoice information" 
  • Assign employee to certain billing group during onboarding process →    If the does not set the billing group of the employee before the completion of the onboarding, the employee will be assigned to the first billing group by default.
  • Switch Billing Group post to onboarding process → 



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