How are sick leaves regulated in Spain?

Sick leave in Spain, known as "Incapacidad Temporal" (IT), provides paid time off for employees who cannot work due to illness or injury. The system allows for up to 12 months of sick leave, with potential extensions under specific conditions. 

During the initial three days of sick leave, employees receive their full salary from their employer.
From the fourth day onwards, the Social Security system pays sick leave benefits, starting at 60% of the average daily salary for the first 20 days and increasing to 75% thereafter.

The specific amount of sick leave pay and the length of time employees can take sick leave depend on their medical condition and doctor's recommendations. It's important for employees to notify their employers as soon as they realize they cannot work, obtain a medical certificate for absences longer than three days, and follow any specific policies their employer might have.

Employees on sick leave should focus on their recovery and are generally expected not to engage in work-related activities. Spain's generous approach to sick leave aims to ensure employees can recover properly without worrying about their financial situation.

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