Can employees work during national holidays in Spain?

In Spain, employees have the right to both paid annual leave and public holidays. They are entitled to a minimum of 30 calendar days of paid annual leave every year. Moreover, there are 14 paid public holidays, which include 12 national holidays and 2 chosen locally. These national holidays incorporate days like New Year's Day, Good Friday, Labour Day, among others. Each municipality in Spain has the discretion to select 2 additional local public holidays, leading to variations across different communities.

Regarding working on national holidays, it is possible under certain conditions. If there is an agreement between the employer and the employee, work can be performed on a public holiday, often with additional compensation. This means employees can work during national holidays if they agree to it, typically for extra pay.

Spain's labor laws are designed to balance work and life, including provisions for annual leave, public holidays, and the conditions for overtime and working on public holidays. In specific scenarios, such as overtime or working on public holidays, regulations are in place to ensure employees are adequately compensated for their time and efforts outside normal working hours.

For precise regulations and their application in various circumstances, consulting the Spanish labor law or seeking advice from a legal professional is advisable, especially since there might be variances based on collective bargaining agreements or specific employer policies.

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