Bank Holidays & Horizons Payroll Calendar - Taiwan(China)2024

Q: How many Public Holidays are there in Taiwan per annum?

There are 11 days of statutory Public Holiday plus 1 day for Labour Day  per annum. Each year's holidays are announced in Q4 year by the “Executive Yuan” of Taiwan. 

Q: If a public holiday coincides with a holiday, are employee entitled to extra 1 day off?

A statutory holiday (Public holiday) falls on an employee's rest day, which means they are entitled to take a day off in addition to their regular working days. This applies to both full-time staff and part-time worker students. 

In case unforeseen circumstances prevent the employee from taking their scheduled vacation and they have to work instead, overtime pay must be calculated according to "national holiday overtime" regulations, entitling them to double pay as stipulated by law. How is Overtime compensation being handled in Taiwan?

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