What does the hiring process look like?

The hiring, aka "onboarding", process for new employees is outlined in the below diagram. 

  1. On Day 1 after signing the Proposal, the onboarding is ready to be kicked off! You will be able to raise your own hiring request directly from within the platform. Optional at this stage is to have a short "kick-off call" where you can meet your onboarding specialist who can run you through the entire onboarding process and answer any initial questions you have.

  2. After you complete the onboarding form and submit all information needed to draft the employment contract, our legal team will draft up the employment contract and share it with you via our Platform. This generally takes 48 - 72 hours, however depending on the country of expansion, it may take more or less time. Should you have any questions after revising the employment contract draft, your onboarding specialist remains available to support you. In cases where there are multiple questions which need addressing, it is advisable to have a quick alignment call.

  3. Once the employment contract draft has been approved by you, the candidate will be invited to the platform and requested to submit their personal information and onboarding documents. The candidate will not see any information you submitted at this stage.

  4. After the employee's information and documents has been verified by our onboarding team, we will prepare the final draft of the employment contract and issue it for signature. Should the candidate have questions which need to be addressed, the onboarding specialist will be ready to support. Although it is unlikely at this stage, should the candidate attempt to renegotiate the terms of their employment, the onboarding specialist will need approval from you before making any changes.

  5. At this stage, we'd like to point out that the onboarding process will be significantly extended if a second or third draft of the employment contract needs to be prepared by our legal team.

  6. Once the employment contract has been signed by the candidate, it will be counter-signed by Horizons. The signed employment contract will then be uploaded to the Platform and you and the candidate will be informed via email. 

We hope you found this article to be useful. Please contact support@joinhorizons.com should you have further questions.  

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