Invoicing & Salary Pay-day

As any finance department would likely agree with, invoicing and billing is an ongoing process which starts at the beginning of each month and runs beyond employee salary pay-day.

A summary of the monthly payroll schedule at Horizons is below:

5th of month
Bonuses, commissions, expenses, etc. to be uploaded into Horizons platform
2nd week of month
Invoices issued by Horizons billing department
20th of month
Invoices paid to Horizons
Last working day of month*
Employee's salary paid to their preferred bank account

Below is a more detailed overview of the payroll schedule:

  1. Cut-off date for additional remuneration, e.g., business expenses, commissions, bonuses, is close of business (COB) by the 5th of each working month, or closest working day if the 5th falls on a weekend.
  2. Invoices are prepared by our billing team and issued to our clients generally from the second week of each month. 
  3. The payment terms can be found in section 4 of our General Terms & Conditions. Unless specified otherwise in your signed Services Agreement with Horizons, invoices need to be paid by the 20th of each month, or closest working day. Please note that any delay in the payment of the invoices could result in a delay of the salary payment to your employee(s).
  4. *Employee salary pay-day is outlined in the employee's signed employment contract and unless specified otherwise, is the last working day of each month.  

We hope you found this article to be useful. Please contact should you have further questions.  

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