Do 13th or 14th salaries exist in Germany?

In Germany, a 13th salary, often referred to as a Christmas bonus or "Weihnachtsgeld," can be paid as bonuses by the employer but don't have to be paid out. Furthermore, it is not universally guaranteed and can vary greatly among employers and across all sectors. If this bonus is paid out, it is typically at the end of the year, aimed at helping employees with holiday expenses.
The entitlement to a 13th salary depends on various factors, including the employment contract, collective bargaining agreements, or company policies, rather than a universal legal requirement.

Additionally, some employers may offer what is known as a 14th salary or a holiday bonus (Urlaubsgeld), which is usually paid in the summer to support employees' vacation expenses. The offering of a 14th salary, similar to the 13th, is at the discretion of the employer or is determined through collective bargaining agreements.

The specifics of the 13th salary, such as the amount, timing, and eligibility criteria, can differ widely. It's important for employees to check their individual employment contracts or consult with their human resources department to get detailed information regarding their own situation.

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