Welcome onboard to Horizons in China

Welcome Onboard!


As a new EOR employee, you may have many questions about the onboarding process. Rest assured, we've included some frequently asked questions by employees in this article for your reference.


Q: When can I expect the 1st pay to my account?

A: Horizons adopts a monthly payroll system in China, and your first pay will be proceeded on the last working day of the month.  However, if you have not worked for the full-month due to partial attendance, your salary will be prorated according to relevant legal regulations. 



Q: What deduction shall I expect from my Remuneration on a monthly basis?

In general, there's 3 major deduction from your monthly remuneration, 

Employee Contribution to Social insurance SI 社会保险

Employee Contribution to Housing Provident Fund HF 住房公积金

Individual Income Taxes Withholding 雇主代扣代缴个人所得税


In cases that you chose to start the contribution of social insurance and housing fund in the following month, or your previous employer failed to cancel your plan still, the 1st deduction of SI & HF shall be expected in the 2nd month's pay after onboarding. 

You filed special exemption of Income taxes will be allocated in the following month after onboarding in the accumulated practice. There's probably "0" on special exemption of Income taxes on your 1st payslip, but no worries, it will be included with no influence for your annual taxes burden. 


Other FAQs for China Employee




Q: Do I need an Instruction Manual of Horizons Portal as Employee/Contractor?

A: Rest assured, the Horizons platform has been meticulously crafted to ensure an effortless user experience. Its intuitive interface allows users to seamlessly navigate through various features and functionalities without feeling overwhelmed or confused. Whether you are a tech-savvy individual or someone who is not particularly familiar with digital platforms, rest assured that using Horizons will be a breeze.


One of the key aspects of our design philosophy was simplicity. We understand that complex interfaces can often hinder productivity and cause frustration among users. Therefore, we have made sure that every element on the Horizons platform serves a purpose and contributes to its overall ease of use. However, there may be some detailed information that requires you to spend a little time reading the documents in this instruction folder of For Team Members


Q; the last but not least, how can I reach out with Horizoneers for any support Que after onboarding.

A: Considering the work habits and common expectations of EOR Employees working in China, Horizons has launched WeChat customer service desks to provide more tailored and delightful support services. Please scan the QR code as below to contact our 中文员工个人服务号 via Wechat, for further inquiries. 

* 为了保护您的个人隐私,首次联系服务号人工坐席的个人,我们将与您进行双因素认证保证微信联系人为您本人



If you prefer to communicate in English, please reach out via Help Widget with Horizons Portal.




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