What defines a full-time vs. a part-time employee in China?

 In this article, we aim to explore and shed light on the contrasting aspects of employment practices between full-time and part-time positions. By delving into these differences, we hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics associated with each type of employment.


Employees 员工

Part-time 兼职员工

Full-time 全职员工

Payment Frequency

bi-weekly as max frequency

Monthly as max frequency

Social Liability

In practice: the employee shall be insured on Pension and Medical by themselves as flexible working employees. the employer shall arrange at least the work-injury social insurance for the individual.

Yes. full social liability for both employee and employers

Working Hours

limit work ≤ 4 hours  per day and ≤ 24 hours per week

Standard working hours 40 hours per week,any exceed will be taken as overtime. Maximum overtime - 36hours per months
Comprehensive working hours:  must be reviewed and approved by local authority): In general 2000+36*12 per year

Minimum Wage

The hourly wage of a part-time worker shall not be lower than the hourly minimum wage standard promulgated by the local government.

The Monthly of a Full-time worker shall not be lower than the  minimum wage standard promulgated by the local government.



30 days notice period Severance payment:By China law, In the events the employer terminates this employment agreement before end date or gives notice of no-renewal when it expires, it is obliged to pay the employee one month’s wage as compensation for each year of the employment lasted since Commencement Date of employment.


Must Not

Max Probation:
0 for contract duration less than 1 years
2 months for contract duration of 1 < 2 yrs
3 months for contract duration of 2 < 3 yrs
6 months for contract duration of ≥ 3yrs

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