Can employment agreements be signed digitally in China?


With the advancement of technology, electronic signature (E-signing) has gradually become a common way of signing, especially in remote work or online transactions. In China, electronic signature has been widely used in various scenarios, one of which is in employment agreements. This article will explore the use of electronic signature in employment agreements in China.

The Development of Electronic Signature in China

China is one of the largest Internet markets in the world. With the continuous development of Internet technology, electronic signatures have been widely used in China. Through electronic signatures, employers and employees can sign employment agreements online, facilitating the completion of employment procedures quickly and easily. In addition, electronic signatures have high security and traceability, which can protect the information security and rights of both parties.

Application advantages of electronic signature in employment agreement

Compared to traditional paper-based signing methods, electronic signatures have the following advantages in employment agreements:


Electronic signatures allow employers and employees to sign anytime and anywhere, without the need for face-to-face communication or mailing paper documents. This greatly reduces the signing time and improves the signing efficiency.


Electronic signatures use security measures such as encryption technology to ensure data security and integrity during the signing process. At the same time, electronic signatures also have traceability, allowing the tracking of historical records and responsible parties for the signing.

Environmental protection

Compared to traditional paper-based signing methods, electronic signatures can reduce the use of paper and reduce the burden on the environment. In addition, the electronic storage method is more environmentally friendly and helps reduce warehousing and logistics costs.

E-signing Provider

At Horizons, we work with the Esign(易签宝), the certified Electronic authentication Service provider, as the trusted E-signing Tech Provider. 

With their expertise and advanced technology, we ensure the highest level of security and reliability in electronic contract signing.

To further assure you of the legal validity of electronic contracts, we have provided reference articles that explain the legal basis behind them. These articles serve as valuable resources for understanding the regulations and laws governing electronic contracts.

e understand the importance of verifying e-signed agreements to maintain transparency and trust in business transactions. To facilitate this process, we have included clear instructions on how to verify an e-signed agreement. By following these guidelines, you can easily authenticate the integrity and authenticity of any electronically signed document.

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