Can companies implement their own onboarding in Canada?

Bespoke onboarding is permitted in Canada, as long as the mandatory requirements are followed. 

Employers in Canada may, for example, extend a job offer with a probationary period if desired. The typical probationary period is three months. If an employee is terminated during the probationary period, the employer is not required to provide additional termination notice. Probationary periods lasting up to six months are possible, but they require a notice period for termination. 


While working with a local PEO will ensure a fully compliant legal and administrative onboarding for your new employee, many foreign companies also want to complete some form of company onboarding as well. This is perfectly acceptable, and many employees will expect to learn more about their company. A robust onboarding process can be a productive way to ensure consistency in training across the organization and help establish your company culture in a new country. 


If you have questions about onboarding procedures and best practices in Canada, please get in touch with our team today! 

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