Navigating Offboarding: Submitting Resignations and Terminations

Offboarding procedures are essential for ensuring a smooth transition when an employee leaves the company.


Submitting Resignations and Terminations:
1. Platform Notification: Resignations and terminations should be promptly submitted via our platform.
2. Specialist Assignment:Upon submission, an offboarding specialist will be assigned based on the country and case specifics.


How to Submit a Request:
1. Access Employee Profile: Navigate to the employee profile in the platform.

2. Select 'End Contract': From the dropdown menu by press the "Action" button, select 'End Contract' to initiate the offboarding process.

3. Confirmation: Note that clicking "End Contract" will not notify the employee.


3. General Information for Process of Termination:  

Horizons has prepared a comprehensive article on the general termination process for your reference. Please take a moment to read it carefully and press continue for further instructions.

4. Termination details collection: 

An information collection form for termination details will pop up on your screen, prompting you to provide all the necessary information regarding the termination process. This comprehensive form aims to gather essential data such as the reason for termination, date of termination, employee's last working day, and any additional relevant details. By filling out this form accurately and thoroughly, we can ensure that all necessary steps are taken in accordance with company policies and legal requirements. Your cooperation in completing this form will greatly assist us in efficiently managing the termination process while maintaining transparency and professionalism throughout.

Important Note:
- Legal Employer: Horizons or local partners serve as the legal employer. Therefore, refrain from notifying the employee until the team provides assistance and guidance. Resignation letters should be addressed to the official employer, as specified in the employment agreement.


For further assistance or questions regarding offboarding procedures, please contact


Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a smooth offboarding process for our employees.

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