How to invite new users and manage existing ones?

The first user that signs up for Horizons is added as an account admin with access to all features and data - but what if you need help to onboard a new joiner or approve requests of your global employees? After all, teamwork makes the (global employment) dream work. 

The "Users" page in the account settings is where the magic happens:

Invite new users

Admins can invite additional users & manage the permissions of your existing users in the account settings:

When inviting a new user, you need to provide some basic personal information (name and email address) and chose a role for the user. When you set the user's role, you can decide between two options, "Admin" and "Manager".


The user will become another admin user who has full access to all data and features (including the ability to invite new users). We recommend this option for smaller teams that want to get started quickly.


If you want to be more restrictive in what the new user can do, choose "Manager". This role is e.g. the correct choice for users that will be primarily responsible for approving expenses or leave requests from their direct reports. You can grant a manager additional permissions for further HR or Financial activities.

Change existing users

When someone has taken different responsibilities, you can change a user's access level by clicking on the edit option in the user list:

This opens a pop-up in which you can chose a different role or change any of the personal details:

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