How to submit expenses?

For company expense reimbursements, you should forward an expense report through the Horizons Platform. Think of this report as a comprehensive list of costs you've borne over a specific trip or time frame. Tailor and categorize these reports to fit either your preference or your company's guidelines. For instance, you might choose to consolidate expenses by each business journey or generate a singular monthly report. The choice is yours.

Submitting Expenses via the Horizons Platform:

1. If you've incurred multiple expenses tied to a common event (like a business trip), it's time to draft a report. Hit 'New report' to upload your receipts and fill in the requisite information.

Info: For clarity, our platform mandates that each expense be linked to a specific report. These reports can be categorized in various ways, whether it's by monthly expenditures or expenses accumulated during a business trip. To process your claims, you'll need to first set up a report and subsequently append your expenses to that report. You're free to submit these reports whenever you see fit.

2. For any expense in a foreign currency, ensure you pick the correct currency type. Once you've entered all necessary expenses, do a quick review and then hit the "Submit" button. This will ping your company's designated approver to go over your submission.

3. If there's a need to include additional expenses, just click on 'Add expense' to input more items. When you're ready, press 'Submit'. If you decide to wrap things up later, choose 'Save and back' to resume your work when it's more convenient.

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