Release – December 2023


We have five new updates from Horizons this month. In short, they are: 

  • Download Leave Records
  • Automated Reminders for Payslips
  • Get Notifications Before Your Employee's Probation Period Ends
  • Employee vs Contractor Misclassification Risk Assessment tool
  • Multiple Receipts for Each Expense Item

➡️ December updates

01. Download Leave Records 

Explore the latest Leave Summary tool in Tools. Admins can download everyone's leave, while managers get to download their team's leave, providing two sheets with leave records and the latest balance.

  1. 01. Explore the new Leave Summary under Tools.
  2. 02. Admins can effortlessly download everyone’s leave and keep a record.
  3. 03. Managers can download their team’s leave records.
  4. 04. After exporting, review two sheets: one with your employees’ leave records and another displaying their latest balance.

02. Automated Reminders for Payslips

As soon as the payslip is uploaded, an automated email notification will be promptly dispatched to your employee, ensuring they receive immediate and timely notification about the availability of their payslip. This streamlined process helps keep your employees well-informed and ensures that they are promptly notified whenever important payroll information becomes available.

03. Get Notifications Before Your Employee's Probation Period Ends

Direct managers will be proactively informed and receive an official notice precisely 14 days before your employee’s probationary period concludes. This advance notification ensures that managers have sufficient time to assess the employee’s performance during the probationary period, provide constructive feedback, and make informed decisions regarding the employee’s continued tenure with the company. 
This timely communication is designed to facilitate a smooth and well-managed transition for both the employee and the management team.

04. Employee vs Contractor Misclassification Risk Assessment Tool

Now, you can check the tool to see if you're categorising your employees correctly. Find out if you're at risk of misclassifying employees or contractors.

05. Multiple Receipts for Each Expense Item
Unlock the potential for your team to streamline expense submissions. Our user-friendly system allows your employees to upload multiple receipts for each expense item. This feature simplifies the process and enhances accuracy and transparency, ensuring that all relevant documentation is efficiently captured. 
Say goodbye to hassle and hello to a more empowered and efficient expense management experience!


As we continue improving our product and services to make your global team management experience smoother, feel free to write to us at with any questions or concerns.


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