Approving an Expense Report on Behalf of an Employee (For Admin Users Only)

There are times when standard approvers may be unavailable due to absence or vacation, yet an employee's urgent expense cannot wait. In such instances, Admin Users have the capability to provide exceptional approval. Here's how you can do it:


  • Company Admin access to the Horizons Platform


  1. Navigating to Expenses: Go to the main menu and select "Expenses". This will provide you with a comprehensive list of all expense reports, including those pending approval.
  2. Viewing Detailed Reports: Locate and click on the specific expense report you wish to review. This will redirect you to a detailed page for that report.
  3. Providing Exceptional Approval: After reviewing the details and ensuring everything is in order, you can grant approval on behalf of the absent manager. Click the "Approve" button to finalize your decision.

Note: This feature is exclusively available for admin users. Please remember, this function is designed for exceptional cases and should be used judiciously. Always communicate with the respective team or department about any approvals made in this manner to maintain transparency.

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