What are the annual health check-ups in Japan?

What are the health check-ups?

In Japan, a comprehensive system is in place to ensure that employees undergo annual health check-ups, as part of a broader effort to prioritize occupational health and safety. This system is mandated by the country's Industrial Safety and Health Act, which requires employers to conduct regular health screenings for their workforce. The primary aim of these check-ups is to proactively identify and mitigate potential health issues, with a particular focus on preventing illnesses that may be related to workplace conditions. 

The scope of these health examinations is extensive, typically encompassing a variety of tests to evaluate different aspects of an employee's health. Standard procedures include measurements of blood pressure, comprehensive blood tests to check for common health issues like high cholesterol or diabetes, urine tests, vision tests, and depending on the specific circumstances and risks associated with the job, more specialized tests may also be conducted. 

Where can employee's go for the health check-ups?

Employees have the flexibility to receive these health check-ups at various locations. Large corporations often have medical facilities on their premises with full-time medical staff to perform these checks. Small to medium-sized enterprises, which may not have on-site medical facilities, often collaborate with external clinics or hospitals to provide this service. Public health centers and specialized health check centers also play a critical role in delivering health check services, especially for smaller companies and those in remote areas.

Who cover's the costs of the health check-ups?

The financial responsibility for conducting these health examinations lies with the employer, ensuring that there is no cost burden on the employees. This arrangement is not only a reflection of the legal obligations under Japanese law but also indicates a broader commitment to maintaining a healthy workforce. By covering the costs and often facilitating the health checks during working hours, employers help to ensure that the health screenings are accessible and convenient for all employees. 

Overall, the system of annual health check-ups in Japan represents a significant investment in the health and well-being of the workforce, demonstrating a proactive approach to occupational health that seeks to benefit both employees and employers by fostering a healthier, more productive work environment. 

What is the process like with Horizons?

While focusing on compliance to regional requirements, we support the commitment to keep our workforces healthy. Therefore, we proactively inform all employee's in Japan annually of the health-check ups proactively, support in finding the most suitable location and make the reimbursement process as easy as possible.

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